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Buyers Agreement:

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The Buyer understands that the Seller reserves the right to refuse or restrict sales without obligation to provide reason to the Buyer, and that some restrictions on the purchase may be set by the Seller regarding the territory or location, specific licensing or certification requirements, financing or payment method, delivery and/or transportation concerns, warranty and service, or other reason for restricting their offer. The Buyer cannot enforce the sale of any product(s) displayed on Text4Stuff™ and understands that any transaction through this site must be mutual.

General Users Agreement:

The User understands and agrees that they are entitled to download a single copy of the content on this site for personal reference use only, and that by downloading the material it does not grant them permission to use, alter for use, archive, distribute, share or otherwise use these materials. While Users may browse the Text4Stuff™ site and its links and are permitted to send links via e-mail and/or text message to this site and specific products to other interested person(s), they are not to present themselves as agents or representatives of Text4Stuff™ or The Seller, are not permitted to request finders fees or other compensation from Buyer(s) or Seller(s), are not to engage in the collection of information on Buyer(s) or Seller(s) nor distribute information of such nature, nor are users permitted to link directly to the content(s) of this site from outside the Text4Stuff™ web site.

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Limitations and Liability:

Users of Text4Stuff™ site understand that transmission delays, omissions, inaccuracies, site interruptions, or other problem(s) may arise, and that product information for the Advertisement may be inaccurately depicted as Text4Stuff™ accepts the information ‘as is’ and as presented for insertion, and Text4Stuff™ does not warranty results from use of this site, and does not warranty the accuracy, delivery, condition, or other aspect of the product(s) or service(s) offered through this site, and insertion of the Advertisement is in no manner an endorsement of the Seller or product on behalf of Text4Stuff™. Text4Stuff™ is not liable for damages or loss resulting from inaccurate representation, site outages, misrepresentation by Seller/User regarding the details of the transaction, lost funds, shipping/transportation costs, appraisals, licensing fees, duties or taxation.


Text4Stuff™ provides communications tools through this site, these tools are intended only for the purpose of conducting the transaction between Seller and potential Buyers, Text4Stuff™ does not assume responsibility for the language and opinions expressed in the individual communications between these parties. Text4Stuff™ does not monitor private communications except on the request of a User or other legal authority. Communication tools provided by Text4Stuff™ and its affiliates are protected by copyright and restricts the use of these tools to the Users and administrators of the site, no unauthorized use will be permitted.

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